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Century+ Ride

Ride the George S. Mickelson Trail

Deadwood to Edgemont

109 miles

Half-Century Ride

Mountain Trailhead to Edgemont

49 miles

Registration $150

includes: trail swag & t-shirt, day pass, snacks, 2 meals, trail support

Need Transport?

Shuttle Registration is Required

Shuttle Transport Edgemont to Deadwood $75

Bus & bike trailers will depart Edgemont by 7pm 

Click Here to register

Event fees are non-refundable!

Register by May 1, 2024 to ensure

you receive your event t-shirt

Riders who register after June 7

responsible for their own transportation

If you choose to speed ride the event and want to leave

Edgemont early - you must secure/pay your own transportation. 
Click Here for list of shuttle ser



Experience the beauty of the Black Hills via the George S. Mickelson Trail


Welcome to the Big Mick 2024!

This 109 mile ride takes place on America’s most scenic rails to trails conversion: The George S. Mickelson Trail. Enjoy a challenging day of historic exploration and unparalleled natural beauty as you embark on a cycling adventure like no other.

Pedaling through the heart of the Black Hills, participants will be captivated by our region’s rich history and picturesque landscapes. The trail passes through historic mining towns, over more than 100 bridges, and through three tunnels.

As the miles unfold, cyclists will be challenged by varying elevations and terrains, creating a sense of accomplishment with every hill conquered. The route culminates in the charming town of Edgemont, marking the completion of a monumental 109-mile journey - in one day!.

The Big Mick Century Ride isn’t just a cycling event; it’s an exploration
of the spirit and resilience that defines both cyclists and the historic landscape

they traverse. With its combination of natural beauty, historical significance,

and the thrill of the open road, this epic one-day event stands as a testament

to the enduring allure of the Mickelson Trail and the Black Hills.

Trail sweeps & SAG drivers will be available to support riders on event day.

Big Mick Century+

 Ride the Mickelson Trail ONE day!
109 Miles • Deadwood t
o Edgemont

Half-Century: 49 miles

Mountain Trailhead to Edgemont

(Mountain Trailhead is north of Custer)

Your registration include

• MT day pass

• event t-shirt

• trail swag

• lunch & dinner

• snacks and water stations

• trailhead support & SAG

(*SD state sales tax is included in registration/shuttle costs.)

Start Times: 5:00 am - 6am:
Deadwood Trailhead

11:00 am - 12PM:  
Mountain Trailhead (north of Custer)

All riders must finish and arrive

in Edgemont by 6:00pm

Shuttles leave Edgemont by 7pm


Water is available at all trailheads.

Breakfast: On your own

Snack Station: Mystic
Lunch:  The Custer Beacon

Snack Station: Minnekahta Junction
Dinner: Victory Steakhouse

Trail sweeps, radio operators, & SAG drivers will be available to support riders on event day.

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